How to Count Cards in a Casino for the First Time

The importance of card counting that new players should learn first.


          As well as playing different kinds of games That must have a good understanding of the basic rules for the most effective play. Because for gambling games themselves, card counting is considered a strategy used mainly in casinos, especially all card games. Or, for example, a striking game like Blackjack, which uses card counting to determine what kind of next card is likely to be. And has an advantage on the player’s side or Banker side Which card counting is what players use to reduce the casino’s advantage. Because on the dealer’s side, it gives out as usual without relenting to you in any way Therefore, card counting allows players to reduce their risk to a minimum สลอต. It also helps in Decide on the elements of the cards. Remaining as well Basically, you should know the following principles:


Basic card counting methods of blackjack Because of the betting style of Blackjack. You can make a variety of bets, either with less or no bets. It can be done according to the results of

Hand cards, for example, high cards (Eg ten cards and aces) are more helpful to the player than the dealer, while the lower ones (eg 2-6) are more beneficial for the dealer. The remaining cards (eg 7-9) are considered neutral. On average, these cards do not give the player or banker much of an advantage. Also the advice

You should learn more as follows.


  1. Set points (+1 for 2-6 cards), assign points (–1 for 10-A cards) and (0 for 7-9).
  2. Start counting and reading cards immediately after the first round of cards being dealt.
  3. After dealing the cards in each round and getting a card of + points, there is a chance of getting a lot of cards, so you should increase your bet amount for that round. 
  4. After dealing the cards in each round and having the cards that are points – will be considered a low chance of getting a low card. Therefore, you should reduce the amount of your bet in that round as well.
  5. Observing and calculating cards based on the number of points (+ -) will help you reduce your risk even more. You may adjust it depending on the situation, but the basics should still be based on this point.


           Counting cards does not guarantee your winning. Although card counting will not make a 100% win and the dealer may draw the cards better. Because in the end, blackjack is a game of luck to some extent. So what should I do?

Is to count the preliminary points and then observe whether the next card has the same percentage of going out for good or bad.

With other card games that techniques can reduce the risk But you have to play with your mind at all times as well.



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